The park “the playground of the three priests” an ideal visit for live friendly holiday, playful and dynamic.

“La Recre des 3 curés”, an ideal amusement park for the family

How to share a friendly and dynamic moment? Going to the park “the Recre of three priests” at least an hour of your campsite in the town of Mizilac. The park extends over 15 hectares in the green with a large pond.

Many attractions will make your exit full animation day of surprise that will delight young and old.

NIAGARA, the success has not failed since its installation in 2009, is a journey on a river raging in buoys where the whole family can sit quietly … You go down the course of the river whose course accelerates to finish with a waterfall that will drop your buoy in a spray of water …

OCTOPUS: Embedded in a barrel, on the deck of a boat, you will play with a giant octopus that has fun in shaking you from all sides. Emotions and laughter are waiting for you.

LE GRAND 8: Thrill seekers, you’ll love this train running on a high-speed circuit. An attraction that sends you the perfect dose of adrenaline to boost your day.

LE MAMBO, a ride that by two before you carry around back, up and down in a furious rhythm. And the dream of Icarus, to find the pleasures of yesteryear rides the flying chairs except that here water jets adorn your enjoyment.

The film so dynamic to have chills in a projected animation 6 dimensions … Shivers guaranteed.

Finally, AQUATICO to find all the pleasures of water with waterfalls, streams, fountains, water cannons that make this area a moment of freshness and détente.Bottom of Form

To pleasantly spend your day, the park has scheduled restore points: a snack and a corner pancakes.