Whether the tip of Barnenez or that of Carantec, you can admire the castle of Taureau (bull), strange sentinel amid the waters. Her figure certainly looks like the style of Vauban and the famous Fort Boyard of the island of Ré. It is built in the sixteenth century.

Indeed, in 1520, after the failure of negociations between François 1er and Henry VIII, war is imminent between the kingdoms of France and England. In fact, a British fleet first attack Cherbourg before heading over the Bay of Morlaix … After a night of looting and massacres, it was decided to build a fort to defend Morlaix. The choice of the island of the Taureau makes  the only way to access the city.
A first fort was built in 1544 and built in haste will be eroded after 70 years and will be rebuilt. Under the reign of Louis XIV, Vauban took over the reconstruction of what would become the castle of Taureau.

From an enclosure 6.5 meters in height, the castle became a fortress exceeding the deck of enemy ships. He set the castle to accommodate housing for officers and stewardship rooms improves comfort of its occupants. It will be completed in 1745, not without having previously served addition to the defense of the bay but prison Breton gentlemen at the request of the families. Its jails still will lock the Communards in 1871.

In 1890, the castle became a summer residence and disarmed before being again a strategic place during the Second World War. The Germans during the Second World War will install there an anti-aircraft piece.
After installation of a sailing school in 1960, the site was abandoned and deteriorating in the 1980s until its restoration in 2000. Today, one can visit via the boat from Carantec or Plougasnou.

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