An amusement park in Cotes d’Armor for the family that offers both to learn and to have fun, providing visitors with 3 worlds to discover only 40 km from the campsite. Several major actors in the leisure, tourism in Britain and scientific culture, have come together on a single site to offer you an unforgettable visit.

The Gallic village

As the indomitable Gallic Asterix fighting the power of Rome to remain free, the founders of the park are volunteers for a humanitarian cause struggling to lead a solidarity action in support of Togo’s inhabitants in Africa.
Born in 1986, the park had chosen a lush valley where a stream flows to build the Gallic village, unifying and popular theme which does not require excessive budgets for construction and environmentally friendly. It is composed of mud huts with thatched roofs to shelter the fun activities for the whole family. These original games are designed to help you discover the history and life of Gallic. The idea is simple and brilliant: a druid in possession of multiple ingredients made from pieces of rope, pieces of metal, pieces of wood, it prompts you to find the recipe for assembling and constructing unique games … .In a setting where the reconstitution of the village was very neat, come and have fun and enjoy rides on boats on the river in the village.
This tour takes you right into the time of our ancestors the Gauls.

Planetarium Brittany

As the Geode to the park de la Villette or the Futuroscope, come and embark on a stellar journey that offers high definition images, deployed on a 360 ° screen.
This epic in space takes you to the discovery of our universe with various planets, galaxies and stars. You will understand the origin and evolution of the universe.
Stunning images of Saturn with the rings, volcanoes of distant planets, clouds of Titan, storms from the sun and many other things are still to be seen.
A reconstruction of the space race that shows you different this quest in space: the first space flights, the conquest of the moon, discoveries on Mars …
Starry Night allows you to observe the sky at the time, commented and explained by a speaker.
Finally the little children are not left with two specific events: “Little Planet”, a scenario focusing on the survival of three little animals on a planet and “blind eyes to the stars”, to understand our place in the universe.

La city of telecoms

A space to play, discover and learn and better understand the scientific challenges that must be mastered in the world in which we live.
Several places are to explore during your visit, addressing the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest!
“Optical illusions”, a magic show for your viewing pleasure and to disorient the brain. Understanding how these visual tricks deceives us since the dawn of time is the subject of this exhibition. It is 300m2 offered manipulation to incorporate the complexity of these phenomena.

“The Lost World”, a 3D film takes you on an island lost at the borders of the real world where dinosaurs have taken their place.

“Garden of Sciences” area dedicated to younger, with 10 interactive islands where the child experiences all the techniques used today in the world of communication, digital, image …

And many other games with the thread that sings, Telecom mission Rastellou forest, escapes from the tower, the cabin energies

The “interactive tour with smartphone” allows you to experience augmented reality tour familiarizing yourself with the use of a smartphone to explore the galleries following the terminals and tags which enrich the content with videos , photos that complement your information. This is an opportunity for parents to catch up on digital technologies face their children!
In the same spirit, discover the scenes of the digital world to better understand the digital revolution that has radically transformed the way we communicate. And other topics such as mobile, space telecommunications and submarine, the history of these techniques.

A particularly enlightening visit to the Revolution that everyone now lives in his daily life.

The park Radome by the diversity of entertainment is a must visit close to the campsite, combining relaxation with cultural enrichment of the whole family.

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