For an active vacation in nature, about thirty minutes from your campsite, the Arrée Mountains offer a change of scenery. This mountain of Brittany brings you into the wild landscapes of Ireland and Wales. natural border between Brittany north and the south, the Arrée Mountains are a major destination for who wants to know Brittany.

Composed mainly of heathland, Les Monts d’Arrée is the heart of deep Bretagne having kept its legends, traditions and preserved its eco-system by creating a regional park that covers 192,000 hectares.

Your rental near the Monts d’Arrée in Brittany

You will be impressed by the beauty of roc’hs Trédudon, Trevezel, Ruz – climax des Monts that stand on a ridge attached to the flat horizon of the moors. Besides mountains of arhes in old Celtic means separation Mountains.

This land is the water reservoir of Brittany, very pure it is bottled at plants in Commana and La feuillée.

The Arrée, a land steeped in history

This land has been inhabited for millennia presence attested by megaliths and dolmens: menhirs Berrien, Coatmocun in Huelgoat, Kerelcun in La Feuillée, The covered walkways and Brennilis Commana or “Stone wedding” alignment in Brasparts.

You can also cross your road the remains of an oppidum in Huelgoat which remains an embankment flanked by a chaos of boulders.

Soil poverty made Arrée Mounts a land of misery for its people until late in the story but makes its tourist wealth today: Witnesses, traditional construction with longères the raw stone walls -granite, quartzites , schistes- roofs from local slate, sometimes carved roof due. Some houses so-called “apotheiz” with outside stairs, characterized by their advanced (Cornec House in Saint-Rivoal, Mills Kerouat Commana for example)

To visit at the Monts d’Arrée Brittany

The visit to the museum of Arrée will let you know the life, traditions and culture of this country.

Do not hesitate to visit the Saint-Michel-de-Brasparts chapel dating from 1672, Blessed sentinel watching over a panorama where one can see in the distance the steeples of Saint Pol de Leon on the bottom of the Montagnes Noires (black mountains). See also, not far away, the baroque altarpiece of Commana and Sizun churchyard.

For an active vacation, shrouded in mystery and magic, feel free to hike, walk or bike in this Breton fantastic landscape. This will allow you to discover fabulous landscapes, haloed changing colors … A plunge into the atmosphere of legends Brittany.

For beautiful pictures on Brittany and the Mountains Arre, we recommend you visit the superb site of Louis Bourdon:

Photo credit: Louis Bourdon

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