Enjoy your stay at the campsite Baie de Terenez to give you a tour of the archipelago of seven islands Brittany France: Rouzic, Les Costans, Malban, Bono, Ile aux Moines, Ile Plate and Cerfs.

The seven islands, bird paradise

It’s off Ploumanach you discover that chaos of granite boulders that has more inhabitants except the two lighthouse keepers, leaving their place to many birds. Indeed, l’île aux Moines, had to retire in complete solitude monks Franciscans in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Today it is a paradise for birds which come to nest 20000 couples in these rocks that outcrop at surface of the water. With 27 different species, is the largest reserve of the French coast. Notice to birdwatchers.

Cruising the archipelago of seven islands

The stars are heading to the l’ile aux Moines where you will share with the enthusiastic guides watching razorbills, gulls brown, silver or sailors, shags, gulls, guillemots and puffins especially. If you are lucky you can also see seals. The tour continues on the island of Rouzic where you expect a variety of gannets, which are so numerous in the distance you see a white cap! This majestic bird of more than two meters wide will offer you an unforgettable show by its impressive dives  at high speed from a height of thirty meters.
This magical excursion is from Trestraou, near Perros-Guirec in embarking on board a speedboat to the tip of the breakwater for a fascinating journey. You will be accompanied by  thousands of birds that fly majestically you during your cruise.
If you want more authenticity, you can also rally the islands aboard  old boats as Saint Guirec, a replica of a lobster boat of last century. You become sailor, hoisting the jigger through halyards under the command of captain at the turn of the stop telling you the story of this unique archipelago. You can also choose for this epic tour  Ar-Jentilez wich captain introduces you to the navigation or allows you to choose daydreaming admiring the wonderful views of the pink granite coast.
Boarding excursions old boats is in Perros-Guirec.

Discover this wonderful output during a holiday in Brittany in the campsite by renting a mobile home or a pitch in the Bay de Terenez campsite

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