Le centre de découverte du son

Le centre de découverte du son

The Sound Discovery Centre

At Cavan in the Cotes d’Armor, within an hour of your campsite, an original site to browse family awaits.

A fun walk in the heart of a wooded forest on a sound path with “listening cabins”, a “soniphère garden” and a “musical path” was built for the delight of children.

During a visit lasting about two hours just feel the rhythm of unusual sounds, just learn to listen to the silence, come and relax in the cabins in its Come explore the garden shaped ear where every sound is husked.

In short come hear and create sound, transporting you on a musical and magical world.

The Sound Discovery Centre also offers the bell circuit to enjoy and surprise you to listen to the bell sounds eight towns surrounding the center. Free access course with a interactvies audio terminals, a pleasant walk to the eyes and ears!

Everything is designed for the enjoyment of children, from the smallest to the largest, in a bucolic environment where they can make sound experience without being frustrated through ingenious installations.

Driven by an NGO, the center deploys his talent and skills in the service of human development to make everyone aware of the importance and fragility of hearing and the need to listen to our surrounding world.

This association is involved in the valuation process of the tourist quality “rural Trégor”.

This association offers year-round music workshops and trainings.

An original idea of ​​release off the beaten path that will delight young and old.

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